Member Benefits

Pastors Connect is a unique program designed to support pastors and their ministry and leadership staff. Each day church leaders are faced with many more challenges than those working outside the church.

Without additional support many pastors and leaders are forced to choose between their families, their own mental health and continuing to provide leadership to their members.


According to the Frances A Schaeffer Institute of Church Leadership Development:

* 100% of the pastors surveyed (over 1000) had a close associate or seminary friend who had left the ministry because of burnout, conflict in the church or moral failure.

* 90% complained of frequent fatigue or feeling worn out each week.

* 89% said they'd considered leaving the ministry at one time or another and 57% said they would if they had a better job to go to.

* 77% said they felt they didn't have a good marriage.

* Only 38% said they read the Bible for personal devotions or personal study. 

* 71% said they battled depression beyond fatigue on a weekly or daily basis.

* Only 26% had personal devotions and felt adequately fed spiritually!

We don't believe that you should have to make that choice!

Inside Pastors Connect is support that helps you balance the responsibilities you find in your ministry, at home and in any other jobs you must hold.

Life gets complicated and we're here to help unravel as many of those complications as we can.

We do this through an exclusive set of resources for yourself, your church members and your leadership.

The path we have is simple, straightforward, easy
AND we are with you every step of the way!


1. Register at Pastors Connect - right here on this site! We'll ask for your name and email address. Once you click "Signup" you'll be taken to Church City Connect where you can place your free listing. Don't worry if you don't have time to complete your ChurchCityConnectDirectory.jpglisting today. We'll send you the link to the directory where you can place your listing when it's convenient for you!

2. Your free listing for your church at Church City Connect is an easy way for people in the community to find your church and for you to communicate with your members. There are several free benefits and some paid benefits.  You choose what works best for you.

MobileApp.png3. Download our free Pastors Connect app on your mobile phone. You'll be able to receive free health and wellness information and be notified of special events. Search for Pastors Connect App in the Google Play Store.

4. Talk with our staff about the benefits to personalizing a mobile app with a full mobile and online giving platform integrated for your church members. These benefits include (but are not limited to!): 

- Personalized scheduled messages to the entire membership or to selective groups.
- Facebook style group where members interact, ask for prayer and connect.
- Free Wellness Card with over a dozen health and wellness benefits.
- Daily Dose America health and wellness newsletter
- Health information library
- Dave Ramsey financial column
- Online Bible and reading plans
- Financial and Tax library
- Deals and City Savings library
- Puzzles and motivational games

 4. Discover a 6 in 1 benefit package, normally available only to Fortune 500 company employees.  Your members are also stressed, challenged each day and fight daily battles.  You, your family, your leadership team, your friends and church members can benefit from saving money on food, daily expenses, vacations, sporting events, car rentals and a myriad of other things. Talk with doctors, nurses, counselors, financial and tax people, and enjoy legal advice. Meal planning, fitness and health trackers, support services and credit and debt management.  

It is difficult to imagine the scope of what's offered!

However, while it is amazing  - it is NOT expensive. Our goal is to help you spend LESS each month - NOT MORE!

Pastors Connect is powered by Healthy Life America. Our vision is to impact your physical, mental and financial health by connecting you to a healthy environment that promotes success.

We believe that Pastors Connect does that and so much more.

Start by registering at Pastors Connect right now! From there we'll help you develop a strategy that works for your church, your ministry and YOU!