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We'd like you to share our program with as many church leaders as you would like. The more people who are participating, the Share.jpggreater the benefits to our members. We encourage our members to communicate across the nation, sharing ideas, messages and research.

When you spread the word to church leaders in different states or even in your community, you'll be awarded credits that you can spend inside Pastors Connect.

We want YOU to be successful, enjoy life to the fullest and have friends who support you. That can all happen as we share our lives and knowledge with others.



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Just copy and paste that into an email to the people you want to refer to us. It will take them directly back to a page where they can join Pastors Connect and discover the tools and inspiration that will drive their success as well as your own.

Don't hesitate - "He who hesitates is lost" .  .  .  or .  .  . Action leads to success and delay to self-doubt.

Your friends can join our free program here, or choose to join our exclusive membership where they'll enjoy benefits, community and coaching right alongside YOU!

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