Meet the Pastors Connect Team!


Pastors Connect is powered by Healthy Life America. Our mission is to support the physical, financial and relational health of church leaders and their members. 

Our team was gathered together by Randy Pryor who has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, training, relationship building and life coaching. He is a Certified Master Life Coach and Law of Attraction Coach with hands on experience helping people everyday.

Randy's personal cause is to support the Frances Pryor Advocacy and Care Fund inspired by his late wife.  For three years Randy was the sole caretaker for his wife who was battling a neurological degenerative disease. During this time he made a vow to make a difference and help support others in their time of need.

Randy and his wife Michelle have brought together a team of individuals to develop Healthy Life America and Pastors Connect.





Randy brings over 20 years of hands on expertise in the areas sales, marketing, training, relationship building and life coaching.

As a Certified Master Life Coach, Law of Attractions Coach and his experiences hands on helping people everyday he will help you obtain guide you to achieve your goals.





With nearly 20 years in the Nursing profession and passion for health and wellness, Nurse Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience in coaching people to better health.

She brings her knowledge of health and passion for education on prevention of disease and illnesses to our team to coach you towards your goals.



Brenda left her home town of Monroe, LA and joined the Marine Corps. After serving, she went to work for a manufacturing company in Maryland as Chief of their procurement operations. Over the coming years she worked for the Department of the Army in Washington, D.C., for Forces Command Headquarters in Atlanta, GA and at the Grants Office for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, GA.  Brenda's expertise in organization, procurement and her wonderful personality hold our team together.




Gail brings a wealth of knowledge from her career as a Nurse Practitioner. Her passion for writing and research of natural remedies and a integrative approach for health led her to retire from her health practice and pursue health research, writing and development of innovative programs like you will find utilized with the Healthy Life America benefit programs.




Jelissa brings enthusiasm and an authentic energy to everything she works on. She is an integral part of our team, working on whatever projects are needed. She works with our remote staff, inputs information into our software programs, answers phones, takes care of customer service issues and answers questions from our clients. In other words, Jelissa does it all!






Alex is a Web Developer & Designer from Full Sail University in Orlando-Florida. He started a career as a Graphic Designer and Photographer after five years of doing freelance work with other designers, where he discovered his passion for design and development. He brings a storehouse of knowledge about a variety of technologies and frameworks to the team, giving us the ability to serve you better.




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