About Pastors Connect


Pastors Connect is a place where we connect YOU with world class inspiration, content and coaching AND with pastors from across our nation. Our resources give you the ability to balance your work and life, increase your message potential and develop a strong foundation that will sustain you and your family.

We know that everyone is different and has different needs. So we designed this program specifically for pastors - whether you are a seasoned pastor or just starting your mission. The benefits inside Pastors Connect will help you build a new foundation or more fully develop the one you already have.


We haven't forgotten your family!

You are busy, ministering to the needs of people who look to you for guidance, support and inspiration. Your family has the same needs and they want YOU to be present.

We can help . . . with a list of benefits that range from helping you to spend less money on daily costs, reducing your costs for time away and vacations . . . to . . . access to medical and financial professionals to answer your questions.

We know that Pastors Connect can do that for you!

Pastors Connect is a fun way to renew your mind, stay motivated, revolutionize your health and wellness, while balancing your work and life, using our innovative courses and benefit programs.